We are a newlywed couple, staying in Budapest, Hungary at the moment.

Stan is coming from Ukraine originally, Patri is from Hungary. We met in an Estonia in 2014, in one of the loveliest places, Tartu. We both started our studies by studying biology, but Stan became a Chemical engeneer. Patri is a biologist, worked in the field of human ecology for more than two years, but also loves to work as a field ecologist in Hungarian forests. Since Estonia, we lived in many places in Europe, together or separately, and now after a longer period living Sweden we ended up in Budapest, attending university programs again. Patri is studying to be a biology teacher on a high school level and Stan is doing his PhD in organic chemistry. Our dream is to have a permaculture garden, a naturally built and and mostly self-sufficient house and one biological and an adopted child.

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Our Motivation

We decided to go on this trip since we love traveling and we want to make difference in the places we visit. Our love to biking and fact, that it is the most environmentally-friendly way of transportation made our choice obvious. We aim to make environmental impact of this trip as low as we can, so no air transport whenever alternative available. Bicycling is our main (Stan’s almost exclusive) mode of transportation in the places we live as well.

The idea adding some “extra” to our journey, namely the mission of reporting on family planning and environmental issues on the way, comes from being environmentally concerned. After researching the environmental impacts of human population size and growth rate, we are convinced, that it may be at the root of environmental crisis we are facing now. It contributes to all of main current problems, starting from natural habitat loss and degradation and ending with climate change and plastic pollution.

Yet, the contribution of the continuous global population growth to those problems is neglected by most of the environmentalists. We do believe that by empowering and educating women and securing the human right to safe and affordable contraceptives, we can avoid the large part of unwanted pregnancies that still consists 40% of all pregnancies around the world. Since condom is the simplest, contraceptive symbolizing our ability to choose how many children we want, and when we want them, we chose the name “Rolling Condoms”. With well informed decisions and ability for girls and women to decide on their body, we could avoid millions of unwanted pregnancies and secure more bright, equal and prosperous future!

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