Here is a shortish report on a fortnight of bikepacking with our good friend Jenna Dodson. Adventure took place between June 30th and July 14th 2018. Second part of the story is here

We didn’t plan much – there was no ticket for the ferry and no booking whatsoever. There was no exact starting date either. We just replaced our old scrap bikes with something more proper (poor old Rainbow Rock Machine wouldn’t manage such a trip) and agreed to start some time in July. Sure we needed some good light racks and bike bags. We got all of that at local sport stores in mid-June, being prepared for July.

Bikepacking fortnight Sweden 2018 start

Swedes have very special Julies. It seems, that there are no more locals in the city and half of the businesses simply close for a month. July is a holiday time in the whole country and nothing can stop this. University got totally empty since the Summer Solstice (or Midsommar) and so there was not much point to wait till July.

Bikepacking fortnight Sweden 2018 first swim

On 30th of June we left from home, which turned out to be the tallest hill on our entire journey. First day we followed exactly the Kattegattleden – scenic bike route from Gothenburg to Helsinborg. It went so smooth that by 12:30 we got to Varberg, still with plenty of energy riding at 28 km/hour. For the lunch we stopped at Åsa, sweet little town with amazing rock beach. Girls went to get some food and almost got into a fight with an elderly Swedish guy accusing them of stealing food from the salad bar. Patri was so impacted by this accident that she never again tasted anything in the salad bar and was crying for another 15 minutes.Bikepacking fortnight Sweden 2018 sunset at Varberg

Next day we woke up around 7:45, but couldn’t live earlier than 11. First time it felt okay, but unfortunately for us this became a habit so everyday we were loosing around 5 hours of sunlight. And due to this and the unbearable heat during the day we were left with around 7 hours of biking each day. On the other hand we had time to take shower, have a slow nice breakfast and fix everything.Bikepacking fortnight Sweden 2018 white beaches

Now the beaches became of fine yellow or white sand, weather was getting hotter and we were heading to Falkenberg and then Halmstad. This day speed was already 23.5 km/h and Kattegattleden  started to turn away from the destination too much so we selected less scenic but still incredibly beautiful road next to the sea. In this part of Sweden they kept some of traditional windmills, which where popping around smilingly on random, making place resemble Castilia. We camped right past the Halmstad, few meter from the beach and next to camping for camper vans. Obviously it was forbidden, but there was no better place around and even Swedish long evening was over. Bikepacking fortnight Sweden 2018 windmills

Next we were passing Angelholm. The whole road was cultivated, still lush but not as wild as before. On the way we stopped at Båstad, nice little town under the hill, famous for its seafood. We wanted to get to Mölle as soon as we could, especially, that landscape turned to more agricultural, therefore skipping Angelholm and getting onto Kullenberg peninsula

Bikepacking fortnight Sweden 2018 sandride

Second part is live now

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By Stan from RollingCondoms

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