The Broken Condoms – Why are we still in Budapest?  The Rolling Condoms project didn’t launch as planned in the summer of 2020. It did not start half a year […]
Bikepacking postponed
Hi everyone. Firstly, thank you for following us up until now! It was a great time of preparation and dreaming amid the pandemic covering the world. Unfortunately, due to the […]
Bikepacking bike fortnight Sweden 2018
This is the second part of a bikepacking fortnight trip we did in Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Germany in 2018 When on a multi-day bike tour, never succumb to waking […]
rollingcondoms trip 2018 Sweden
Here is a shortish report on a fortnight of bikepacking with our good friend Jenna Dodson. Adventure took place between June 30th and July 14th 2018. Second part of the […]
Roll with us!
We are so happy to launch our first common blog, the Rolling Condoms. As the day of departure approaches slowly, we are going to report here sometimes the progress we […]
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Departure – Indulás
ОтправленияMarch 1, 2022
41 days to go.