We are so happy to launch our first common blog, the Rolling Condoms. As the day of departure approaches slowly, we are going to report here sometimes the progress we make in planning, and getting all the equipment. At this moment, we are just starting to plan the details of the second part of the route, the first part until Japan is pretty much done.  We still have about 5 months to get everything ready, we think it will be enough time to make Rolling Condoms work. In the same time though, we have other things to take care of – Patri is doing her teaching practice in a school and works part time in The Overpopulation Project, Stan is doing his experiments for his PhD in ELTE University. In the spring we need to wrap up our studies gand Patri will also work for the forest inventory on the field all around the country. The schedule will be 4-5 days away from home, than a weekend together again. It is not that bad if we consider tat from July 24/7 time together for 8 months 😉

Rolling Condoms "Silvia" bike in Sweden

We can’t wait to pick up my bike and start rolling as a Rolling Condoms

Also, we will use the Rolling Condoms blog, before we start our bike journey to archive our past stories from Sweden, South-America and before. Stay tuned!


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